DAQFactory Base Release 20.1+ (no media, downloaded product)

DAQFactory Base Release 20.1+ (no media, downloaded product)

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For use with Release 20.1 and newer.  Will not work with earlier releases of DAQFactory.

DAQFactory Base offers all the basic features of an HMI / SCADA software tool including data acquisition from a wide range of devices (limited to 64 I/O points), data logging to ASCII and binary files, unlimited user definable screens with 44 screen components, powerful graphing and trending, PID loop control plus Email and FTP out.

If you have a small application with less then 64 I/O points or need PID control and don't need the advanced features of DAQFactory Pro, then DAQFactory Base is your solution. Plus, if your system grows, you can always upgrade.

Media not included. DAQFactory can be downloaded from this website and includes all help files and manuals in PDF format.

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